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POKO is a multifunctional lamp that can both stand upright and hang from a shelf. The glass-like feel of the shade shows the richness and variety of our waste streams.

The shade of the lamp is produced with vanPlestik’s large 3D-printer. This process makes every shade unique.

POKO is locally sourced in the Netherlands, made from waste materials, and completely modular. Every component of it’s ex- and interior can be disassembled and replaced. This stimulates repairing, recycling and makes the lamp adaptable for future upgrades.

POKO’s future
POKO is designed and produced in the most sustainable way within our current reach. This doesn’t mean we’re there. We are working with the manufacturer of the LED units to further close the loop. Better components in the future, means setting up a proper return system as well.

Lisa Vlamings (visual artist) and vanPlestik (circular design studio) joined forces to research the boundaries of circularity. This research soon led to a collaboration and development of a modular and multifunctional light called POKO.

vanPlestik is a circular design studio that specializes in recycling plastic. They have developed a 3D-printing technique that can turn discarded plastic waste into high- end products. In the past 7 years they have worked on bespoke projects ranging from furniture to art pieces. Recently they have shifted their focus to working with independent designers and developing new circular products.

Lisa Vlamings is a visual artist, programmer and designer that enjoys a deep dive and ruthless deconstronction of the principles at hand. Previously researching the limitations of our perceptional registers and the ontology of our environment. Currently intrigued by the landscapes in which the digital and physical matter meet.

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